“King of Steady”, my first EP recorded in Studio Svarov outside of Prague, was produced by Petr Binder, who insisted that we preserve the magic of vocal and piano recorded together, raw and uncut.  When “King of Steady”, the title song, won semi-finalist in the Int’l Songwriting Competition, 2012, we decided to choose 5 titles to share with the world.  The 2nd song on the record, “That’s the Way”, trended on Reverbnation.  When I came back to the states I recorded Velveteen, my first full production project.  See 'Music' for more info.  

As a matter of purpose, listeners say that my music is healing: “Tears were streaming down my face!”.  I believe music is powerful for restoring souls and that there is something unique being offered through me as a vessel. It is my hope to make music that pulls you into a reverent place of soulful fulfillment and hope for whatever drives and inspires you!  Thank you again for visiting my site!

(continued from home page) ​The conglomeration of classical training, a vintage childhood, a steeping in southern gospel, and a love for alternative music have wrought a sound reminiscent of "...Judy Collins meets Tori Amos".  Though I reside in Westport, Ct, I began my career of writing and performing original music while living along the gabled rows of Old Towne Prague, CZ.  My treasured dwelling of three years (2011-2013) in the 500 year old historic home of a Czech composer triggered an outpouring of endless inspiration.  The house was on a street named after a famous Czech medieval Writer. After a time of prolific writing in this magical abode, I took my music to the street.  I performed solo on a pedestrian thoroughfare drawing small crowds.  I began receiving invites to play in local establishments.  Within a year, I was entertaining corporate executives at organized global events.  I maintained the #1 position of Singer Songwriters on the Czech Reverbnation charts for several weeks.  That is how I began my career.

Liz Gabriel 

What is Real?

- Margery Williams

​I enjoyed every single note of every single song.." - Robert, Listener, Prague

"You should write a modern musical...there is something very evocative and theatrical about it.."

-Melissa N., Jazz singer, Westport

"Liz is the real deal.",

Kenny Varga, Producer, Nashville