• The Moon3:36

  • Velveteen3:45
  • Down In Flames4:16
  • Crazy3:36
  • Lullabies3:39
  • Falling3:03
  • Precious Soul3:32

This sentimental record debuts

my first attempts at songwriting.  It was originally recorded for one person.  King of Steady won a semi-finalist award in the International Songwriters Competition, 2012.  That's the Way has trended on Reverbnation.  

The Moon is a tribute song to

My Father who passed in 

April of 2015.  He and I stayed 

connected over miles by knowing that we were looking at the same moon.  And we still are.  

The title song is an analogy to

Margery Williams tale, ​The

Velveteeen Rabbit. Rhythm tracks

laid at Soul Voltage Studio in

Nashville.  Instrumental additions

by New Song Productions, remixed

by Dustin Richardson, Nashville, TN.  

Liz Gabriel​.

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  • King of Steady3:24
  • Thats the Way3:55
  • Waiting and Wishing1:52
  • Precious Soul3:34
  • Press On3:43