The Moon is a tribute song to my Father who passed in 

April of 2015.  He and I stayed connected over miles by knowing that we were looking at the same moon.  And we still are.  Recorded in Presence Studios, Wilton, CT.  

Liz Gabriel​.

This sentimental record debuts my first attempts at songwriting.  Recorded and produced in Studio Svarov, CZ.  King of Steady won a semi-finalist award in the International Songwriters Competition, 2012.  That's the Way has trended on Reverbnation.  

The title song is an analogy to Margery Williams tale, ​The Velveteeen Rabbit. Rhythm tracks laid at Soul Voltage Studio in Nashville.  Instrumental additions by New Song Productions, remixed by Dustin Richardson, Nashville, TN.  

Recorded in Presence Studios, Wilton, CT.  Bye Bye Little Boy is a song that is about the death of naivety which comes with experiencing the trickeries and mockeries of life.  The birth of our maturity comes with our ability to grow from our sufferings and learn to defeat our giants. Lyrics inspired by real life events.   Music video under "Videos"

  • Velveteen3:45
  • Down In Flames4:16
  • Crazy3:36
  • Lullabies3:39
  • Falling3:03
  • Precious Soul3:32

  • Bye Bye Little Boy5:10

  • The Moon3:36

  • King of Steady3:24
  • Thats the Way3:55
  • Waiting and Wishing1:52
  • Precious Soul3:34
  • Press On3:43